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October 17, 2019 | Events

On Thursday, October 17th, House of Solferino opened its doors to journalists, architects, companies and brands, telling them about its own identity through the concept of Exporting Solferino – What living in the Brera district mean today.

The opening is portrayed by the shots of five photographers and by the stories of some renowned people who live in this area. Both the shots and the stories are collected in a small series dedicated to House of Solferino’s contents.

(Exporting Solferino Ed.1)

Therefore, HoS is not a simple showroom, but a place where companies can meet, and where new projects and products can be created accordingly to the surrounding context. 

Cristina Tizian, founder of House of Solferino, lives in the Brera district and developed this idea from her own experience. HoS is an international workshop, an emotional geography, a synthesis between traditional and modern style following avant-garde perspectives and visions. Its aim is to translate this unique nature into interior design and lifestyle projects thanks to important partnerships with companies that share the fundamental values of HoS philosophy. 

During the opening night, every single detail told the spirit of the Brera district: the composition dedicated to HoS by Zeno Gabaglio, a musician from the Piccolo Teatro Strehler, the background music coordinated by Camilla Pagani, the wildflowers of Marianna Merisi, the dishes of Rigolo – a historic restaurant in Brera – and the wines of Le Vigne di San Pietro by the architect Carlo Nerozzi. 

“House of Solferino is a place where research, mindfulness, excellence and innovation guide us to select the brands that share those values with us, in order to create successful partnerships. That’s why we started with partners like 41zero42, 6×6, Ilve, Occhio, Walter Knoll”

Cristina Tizian, House of Solferino Founder & CEO

Ph. Stefania Zanetti

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Exporting Solferino Ed.1 pdf